Band Photography

A word about the photographers featured on this site. As well as those who have photographed and filmed the band over the years.

Where do we begin? Well I suppose just a list of names and a HUGE thank you kindly will have to suffice…

(In no specific order)

Nikos Paleologos

George Detsis

Mairylia Kala

Michalis Karagiannis


Alexandros Stamatiou

Elena Dimitrakopoulou

Suzanne Freeman

Ellen Katsikeas

Katerina Xerovassila

Giorgos Nikolaidis

Stelios Matsagos

And many others whose names we’ve not managed to remember right now, with our sincerest apologies. Thanks you all people. Keep on coming and taking pictures of us live. Oh and quite a few by Vishy too.

The New Look Blog

So yes well, there comes a time when all things must of necessity change. With the massive growth of new ways of looking at the internet and all the newfangled mobile devices and so on we were finally forced to grit our teeth and change the design of the site away from Vishy more arty but less flexible designs. Here it is introducing the new, cleaner; dare one say maturer face of Bad Mathematics. We hope you like it and spend a lot of your free time idling about here. Spread the word.

Diva, the gig

Yes negligent that we are we actually forgot to post the announcement here. But TONIGHT 08.02.2014 we are playing our first gig after a year long hiatus at the estimable Afaneis Bar-Café in Koletti 14, Eksarhia.

The show will feature the talented Orestis Tsichlakis on trumpet and mandolin. Be there. Entrance is free but the booze you pay for. The music is all ours. See you there.


Lamia 07.04.2012

Yes. The Lamia gig is on and getting rapidly closer. Oh lordy!!! Will those naughty BMs be ready in time? Will they find where to leave their children? Will they remember their songs? Will they be scared of doing a live after such a long break? Will they freeze on stage and fuck it all up?

"All Is Forgiven", Lamia 07.04.2012

Well who knows! We’re game anyway… So rehearsals are hotter than they have been for quite some time. And now we’re committed and as any of you people who know us will remember BAD MATHEMATICS ARE NOTHING IF NOT COMMITTED!!! Right?