Capt. FW Hunter, C in C

Dear Reader

Hello, we’d just like to point out that the band Bad Mathematics (hereafter known as BM) are now happy to announce that on the evening of 21 October they gathered together to listen to the pre-master tracks of their upcoming album, EVERYTHING FALLS APART; and that apart from a few minor niggles and possible changes the tracks are ready to go to mastering.

Now for the uninitiated this means that we have reached the penultimate phase of production on this huge undertaking. BM are proud to start thinking about setting a tentative release date to be announced on these very pages.

When they are good and ready BM will most certainly put a countdown on this site and will also be preparing a live show and opening party at an undisclosed location to be posted at the appropriate time.

The Management™ 23.10.14