“On point, out there and unrepentantly perfectionist, focused on what matters,
their sound expresses them and their high rock’n’roll IQ perfectly,
serving their improvisational tendencies in the best possible way…”

Part of the Review by Maria Markouli

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Psychoblues (pronounced: Saiko-blooz): An indefinable blend of Psychedelic sounds & Blues roots; add a portion of Jazz, a pinch of Rock, throw in liberal amounts of Punk & New Wave, a tad of Brecht & Weil, a whole load of Improvisation; add a bit of funk to taste (sic).

Root: Musical parlance first used by an obscure band from Athens, Greece. circa 1998 Ref: BM #274

Psychoblues (Disambiguation) | An amalgam of: Psychedelic (adj affecting the mind so as to produce vivid visions) & Blues.

General derivation:

psycho /ˈsaɪkəʊ/
adj. mentally strange, not normal; varying from the usual, crazy, insane
noun, adjective (pl) -chos
1. an informal and offensive word for psychopath or psychopathic (See also psychopath)
psycho- (combining form)
1. indicating the mind or psychological or mental processes:
Origin: 1935-1940, shortening

blues /blooz/
noun. feeling of anxiety, noun. disappointed feeling; distress
1. the blues, (used with a plural verb) depressed spirits; despondency; melancholy:
“This rainy spell is giving me the blues”.
2. (used with a singular verb) Jazz.
1. a song, originating with American blacks, that is marked by the frequent occurrence of blue notes, and that takes the basic form, customarily improvised upon in performance, of a 12-bar chorus consisting of a 3-line stanza with the second line repeating the first.
2. the genre constituting such songs.
Origin: 1800-1810, Americanism; cf. blue devils