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So yes well, there comes a time when all things must of necessity change. With the massive growth of new ways of looking at the internet and all the newfangled mobile devices and so on we were finally forced to grit our teeth and change the design of the site away from Vishy more arty but less flexible designs. Here it is introducing the new, cleaner; dare one say maturer face of Bad Mathematics. We hope you like it and spend a lot of your free time idling about here. Spread the word.

put this in your pipe

it’s hard enough to get people to come to your blog and read your ramblings on a regular basis (thank you dear six (!) readers), let alone to get them to explore your sidebar. now, before you get all hot under the collar, i’m talking about that column on the left hand side of the page that has lots of links in it. because i have no witty nonsense i feel like writing today, i thought i’d hand it over to fellow bloggers to tickle your funny bone. under “funnies” (imaginative title right?) you’ll find blogs that make me laugh. i was going to say “perhaps you will too” but in some ways i hope you don’t because that would make you as silly as me. ah well, here goes…

cake wrecks
if you like cakes and you hate bad spelling, you’ll love this blog. everything from creepy dolls to chocolate penises. there seems to be no end of amusement to be had from people’s sweet disasters.

funny not slutty
if you want to know how to “how to vajazzle your vajayjay” or why “skinny women should shut up about their weight“, go and read these funny women.

how not to act old
another woman after my own heart. a huge lists of don’ts for the mature reader. things like “don’t take pictures of your freaking flowers“, don’t admit you’re befuddled by twitter, tiVo, texting — most of technology” and “stop covering up your underwear“. i giggle a lot at this stuff. probably means i’m old.

hyperbole and a half

A lingering fear of mine was confirmed last night: My dog might be slightly retarded.

another female blogger! i’m beginning to see a bias in this list. this site is not only witty but has brilliant cartoons drawn by the writer herself. check out “dog“, 7 games you can play with a brick” and “this is why i’ll never be an adult“. love it.

aha! the first man on the list! his blog is more amusing observations on life as a dad rather than outright giggles but well worth a read.

Maybe kids do really mature faster these days but whenever I think about this story, I recall being 5 years old and having a crush on my neighbor Brina. Maybe I was just a socially retarded dork back then because the only way I expressed my feelings for her were by pulling her pigtails and pushing her in the mud!

shit my kids ruined
it’s exactly as the title suggests. from fun with tampons to dodgy eyebrow “art”, this blog has me rolling my eyes every time i visit. i just wish i’d taken pictures of the crackers in the vcr (yes, i’m that old!).

how to describe oatmeal? i just find it funny. especially the titles. there are lots of list/top ten type articles including “6 reasons to ride a polar bear to work“, “8 ways to tell if your loved ones plan to eat you” and “10 reasons to avoid talking on the phone“. and the cartoons are great too.

the onion
if you don’t know the onion, you really should. it’s hilarious. brilliantly made news satire that will make you wet yourself. especially if you’re old mature like me.

the problem with young people today is…
i’m seeing another pattern developing in this list! this one is a good old series of rants and moans by crabby old fart. his bio reads:

This is me. Name’s Don.

I don’t care much for young people and I’m not too sure how I feel about you.

Thanks for visiting.

some of my favourite titles are:

  • they eat like pigs
  • they drink sissy drinks
  • they dance like idiots
  • they all have disorders
  • they pee too much
  • they mumble all the time
  • they’re too tall

the complete list is in the right sidebar. just go and click on the links…

that should be enough nonsense to keep you going for the day. compiling this list has made me realise that i must do some more searching for a bit of brit blog humour. anyone got any links?

see you tomorrow…

the women are taking over

most of the big music blogs are written by men. that is true. actually most of the big blogs in general are written by men. here is a big list of music blogs written by women. watch out boys, there are some big bad female voices out there…

go and check out this list from bon ton.

This is my attempt to list women who write music blogs [I went ahead and added myself to it in case anyone is copying this down]. If you are female and you write for a music blog, drop a comment! The Polite World is so much larger than I can navigate, but I want to add you to the list. [And if I put you on here by mistake and you’re not female… please enlighten me.]

stay up to date

so now we have a shiny new blog and i will be working on getting people to actually read it. on the myspace blog we had about three faithful followers which was great but i had very little control over anything (and i do like to have control). if you want to stay up to date with what’s happening here, why not grab our blog feed ?

no idea what i’m talking about ?

ok, here it is…

firefox, safari and opera (i am sure the others do as well, i just don’t use them) have a little button to the right of the blog address which says rss or subscribe or something like that. if you click on that, you will be adding the feed of that blog to your browser. this will save you having to visit this blog everyday to check for updates (your browser will check automatically.

to set up the way you want to read your feeds, go to the preferences in your browser. in firefox it is under feeds and in safari it is under rss. you can also choose any number of free rss readers. i use netnewswire lite. it’s for mac and is very easy to use. i am sure you pc users can find one you like but as i only use macs i wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending one. if you decide on an external reader you will need to change your preferences in your favorite browser to reflect your choice.

you might also come accross a little sign like this


on most blogs. this is a kind of universal symbol for rss (really simple syndication) and does exactly the same thing as the button i described above. click on it to subscribe to that blog. you can also subscribe to individual posts or to comments in some cases. usually those feeds are at the bottom of a post. there is also a entries and comments feed in the right-hand sidebar of this blog.

i hope that makes things a little clearer for those of you who are new to blogs. if it’s not clear (i am not good at writing technical stuff), please feel free to email me at cassi at badmathematics dot com and i will see if i can help.

give a whirl. i know you want to.

that didn't work

what does a girl have to do to get a comment on this blog ? i guess i’m going to have to post naked pictures of the band here. just kidding i wouldn’t inflict that on you, dearest reader.

i got a haircut a couple of day ago. now that’s news !

thanks guys

for all your kind words and thoughts and best wishes…
oh well, a girl can hope can’t she ?
myspace is really crap for blogging. it’s all about making “friends”. don’t get me wrong. that’s good too but it would be good to speak to each other too…

write a comment

so we are back in our “studio” every friday messing about and coming up with some good stuff (we think so anyway). trying to organise a gig possibly at the an club where, despite the terrible sound and disgusting weather on our first appearance there, we got a good crowd and the response was great. we will let you know as soon as we do !

on a personal note, i’m just waiting for my third comment on this blog…. come on people, say hello, tell us how much you love us (or wish we would go away as the case may be) i’m not doing this for my benefit. well, i am but that’s not the point…

looking forward to a flood of comments. i won’t hold my breath though…

happity crimble

1 comment so far and 30 something posts. so by mid march we should have two comments on our blog… cool.

hey, whatever, we are rock people. we can take the rough with the smooth. myspace is a bit odd for that though. lots of friends and no bloggers ? better than being johnny no mates all over again.
i don’t know how much i will be here over the christmas thingy break thingy, so wishing you all a good time. and see you in the new year.

knowing me i will probably post in the meantime but … for those on extended breaks and hols and those who just don’t care… happy christmas.

why blog

I’ve noticed that very few bands write to their blogs. i wonder why ? it’s a great way of letting people know what you’re up to or just rambling on like i do. so people, why not subscribe to this blog or post to your own ? you never know you might like it… or maybe i’m just nosey.