most of the big music blogs are written by men. that is true. actually most of the big blogs in general are written by men. here is a big list of music blogs written by women. watch out boys, there are some big bad female voices out there…

go and check out this list from bon ton.

This is my attempt to list women who write music blogs [I went ahead and added myself to it in case anyone is copying this down]. If you are female and you write for a music blog, drop a comment! The Polite World is so much larger than I can navigate, but I want to add you to the list. [And if I put you on here by mistake and you’re not female… please enlighten me.]

4 thoughts on “the women are taking over”

  1. I did put you on my list as requested. I would rather you just linked to my list rather than copying it up on your own site. Thanks much.

  2. ok. it’s off. i was thinking that i was spreading the love because people often don’t go to the places they are pointed to. i should have asked….sorry.
    thanks for adding me anyway.

  3. i’m not doing too well on this thread…

    *laughs at herself in a loud but friendly manner

    link updated and of course i don’t mind. it was my bad typing.

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