out to lunch

the title just about sums up this past two weeks for your uniquely “unsuitable for work” diva.

it’s been “fun” though, in a sort of mix with the masses, see how the other half lives, kind of way. Sadly, i have the terrible misfortune of having to take the tube to work every day (here in athens, they seem to insist on calling it the metro. very french). i get to observe other members of our species, if that is indeed what they are, failing to leave an impression on the world as they blunder backwards and forwards through the transport system. obviously, there is a need for all this flotsam, to fulfill the needs and desires of those of us who are able to afford them but one would rather not have to rub shoulders (and other unmentionable parts) with them on a daily basis. i fear i must go along with this travesty until i can find a new driver willing to work for sixpence a week, seeing as i seem to be on what is called “minimum wage”. who knew such a thing existed?

now that i’ve got the hang of this filthy thing on my desk called a PC, i will be posting more regularly but i’ll have to keep it short and sans image (just thought i’d continue the french motif)

from the diva desk…

the diva on the radio

so i’m going to be famous for five minutes this week. well, for an hour actually. i’m off to record a radio interview for “the people show” on athens international radio (104.4fm). the show will be broadcast this saturday at 10am and will be all about me (and some of my favorite music)! how fabulous is that?

the mac guru strikes again

i’m a bit late posting today but i have a very good reason. in fact, i have two very good reasons. i am now the proud owner of not one but two computers. now before you say, “bloody hell, why do these waster diva types manage to end up with all the good stuff?”, i will explain.

i had a rickety old mac laptop with a broken hinge and a dead monitor that i had hooked up to another monitor so that it was basically a desktop. i was then given an even older laptop which didn’t have a broken hinge and a monitor that worked but was a bit wonky in its own unique way.

our crazy clever bass player/webmaster and all-round tech head vishy, has spent the last few days cannibalising both until i have ended up with two working machines: a proper laptop and a laptop with no lid that is functioning as a desktop.

don’t ask me how he’s done it. whenever anyone starts getting into the nitty gritty of computers, it all starts to sound like rocket science and i can’t make head or tail of it. i know my original hard drive is now in my new laptop and the “desktop” is running off an external hard drive. other than that, all i know is that it all works and i am mobile again if i want to be.

so hats off to the tech genius and a big thank you from the diva (who has two computers).

beware of the dog

contrary to popular (and malicious rumours), my recent absence was not due to checking into rehab. i was on holiday with a small and very amusing dog (i won’t link without guardian approval but if you follow bad mathematics on twitter, you’ll know who i’m talking about).

those who think that looking after a smaller (but perfectly proportioned) dog is easier than the larger variety, are sorely mistaken. i was taken on four or five walks a day, which is not easy on steep slopes in heels.

and what is it with people that think that all dogs will instantly love them if they stick their hands in their faces? how would they like it if an eighteen foot rugby player run up to them and shoved a mitt up their nose? i would be tempted to bite it off too!

and to all delivery people… when someone says “please wait, this dog is not friendly to strangers”, knocking loudly over and over again is not going to stop the barking and is not going to get the parcel delivered any quicker.

thank you to the aforementioned pet and guardian. the former for not biting me and being incredibly sweet and putting up with me for a while. the latter for trusting your precious little canine with me and for the twiglets (eaten for breakfast) and other goodies.

i’m back home now and hoping to get back into the habit of writing some nonsense each day. at the rate i’m going, i predict 6 readers by the end of the month. mind you, my crystal ball has been a bit cloudy in recent times. it seems i will be completely sober for the world cup final… (see here)


Bad Mathematics | PORNOGRAPHY

our very rude talented webmaster and design guru has created this poster for the next gig (saturday 19th june at after dark). i just want to make it clear that i was not involved in the creation of this piece of filth, in any way, shape or form. my lawyers have been consulted (i’ve been seing quite a lot of them over the past few weeks) and they say that linking our good name to cheap smut is unacceptable and they will be having sharp words with the management ™. it is rather worrying though that they both seemed to have odd smiles on their faces and one of them was drooling slightly.

i am trying to find out who the tart girl in the picture is. it’s definitely not me but she obviously had the audacity to wear my shoes at the photo shoot ! the cheek of it. she will never work in this town again when i’ve finished with her.

this is not the first time our publicity department has used sex to sell a show. “sex sells” was the title of one gig, if you can believe that ? while i understand that in the banal world of advertising, this may be true, i am not happy being part of this seedy venture. i admit, there is some blame that can be placed on me for putting “slut” in the title of one of my posts but that was a creative and artistic decision as opposed to downright seediness. we are already getting hits from sweaty fourteen year old boys searching for pornography on the internet. the shame of it all.

it seems that some people will stop at nothing to get the punters in. i agree that it would be fantastic to play to a packed house at after dark (saturday 19th june) but at what cost ? our dignity and integrity is under threat, dear readers. i propose that everyone who objects to this dumbing down of bad mathematics, makes their way to the gig and confronts the management ™. please wait until after the show to do this… you know how sensitive we artists can be.

so, come and support the diva in her efforts to bring good old-fashioned, clean fun to the music scene.

you know you want to…..

one of those days

you know when you have one of those days when you realise why you love doing what you do. yesterday was one of them. the band hadn’t got together for a practice/jam for a month because of holidays, work commitments etc. so we booked a three hour session in the rehearsal studio yesterday and wow… just amazing. it was great being back together and the work that we came up with yesterday was, though i say it myself, just brilliant. look out for a future piece called “the big bad shopping list“… love it !

the women are taking over

most of the big music blogs are written by men. that is true. actually most of the big blogs in general are written by men. here is a big list of music blogs written by women. watch out boys, there are some big bad female voices out there…

go and check out this list from bon ton.

This is my attempt to list women who write music blogs [I went ahead and added myself to it in case anyone is copying this down]. If you are female and you write for a music blog, drop a comment! The Polite World is so much larger than I can navigate, but I want to add you to the list. [And if I put you on here by mistake and you’re not female… please enlighten me.]

overflowing with comments

we’ve had 11 comments on this blog so far! we also had 71 views so far this week, 14 of them today!
that’s great! i know i complain all the time but i am chuffed. thank you dearest reader for following my scratchings.

just showing off. that’s all.

over and out.

that didn't work

what does a girl have to do to get a comment on this blog ? i guess i’m going to have to post naked pictures of the band here. just kidding i wouldn’t inflict that on you, dearest reader.

i got a haircut a couple of day ago. now that’s news !

thanks guys

for all your kind words and thoughts and best wishes…
oh well, a girl can hope can’t she ?
myspace is really crap for blogging. it’s all about making “friends”. don’t get me wrong. that’s good too but it would be good to speak to each other too…

write a comment

so we are back in our “studio” every friday messing about and coming up with some good stuff (we think so anyway). trying to organise a gig possibly at the an club where, despite the terrible sound and disgusting weather on our first appearance there, we got a good crowd and the response was great. we will let you know as soon as we do !

on a personal note, i’m just waiting for my third comment on this blog…. come on people, say hello, tell us how much you love us (or wish we would go away as the case may be) i’m not doing this for my benefit. well, i am but that’s not the point…

looking forward to a flood of comments. i won’t hold my breath though…

happity crimble

1 comment so far and 30 something posts. so by mid march we should have two comments on our blog… cool.

hey, whatever, we are rock people. we can take the rough with the smooth. myspace is a bit odd for that though. lots of friends and no bloggers ? better than being johnny no mates all over again.
i don’t know how much i will be here over the christmas thingy break thingy, so wishing you all a good time. and see you in the new year.

knowing me i will probably post in the meantime but … for those on extended breaks and hols and those who just don’t care… happy christmas.