contrary to popular (and malicious rumours), my recent absence was not due to checking into rehab. i was on holiday with a small and very amusing dog (i won’t link without guardian approval but if you follow bad mathematics on twitter, you’ll know who i’m talking about).

those who think that looking after a smaller (but perfectly proportioned) dog is easier than the larger variety, are sorely mistaken. i was taken on four or five walks a day, which is not easy on steep slopes in heels.

and what is it with people that think that all dogs will instantly love them if they stick their hands in their faces? how would they like it if an eighteen foot rugby player run up to them and shoved a mitt up their nose? i would be tempted to bite it off too!

and to all delivery people… when someone says “please wait, this dog is not friendly to strangers”, knocking loudly over and over again is not going to stop the barking and is not going to get the parcel delivered any quicker.

thank you to the aforementioned pet and guardian. the former for not biting me and being incredibly sweet and putting up with me for a while. the latter for trusting your precious little canine with me and for the twiglets (eaten for breakfast) and other goodies.

i’m back home now and hoping to get back into the habit of writing some nonsense each day. at the rate i’m going, i predict 6 readers by the end of the month. mind you, my crystal ball has been a bit cloudy in recent times. it seems i will be completely sober for the world cup final… (see here)

2 thoughts on “beware of the dog”

  1. you’re very welcome, bloomer. i hope you will visit the blog and comment whenever you’re allowed on the computer 😉


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