one of those days

you know when you have one of those days when you realise why you love doing what you do. yesterday was one of them. the band hadn’t got together for a practice/jam for a month because of holidays, work commitments etc. so we booked a three hour session in the rehearsal studio yesterday and wow… just amazing. it was great being back together and the work that we came up with yesterday was, though i say it myself, just brilliant. look out for a future piece called “the big bad shopping list“… love it !

crap last rehearsals

two days to go. last rehearsals tomorrow and friday.

the final rehearsal is always rubbish. it’s the one where you get everything wrong, you can’t play or sing anything, you can’t remember the words to any songs, timing is up the wall and you sincerely wish you had never agreed to play live. ever again.

more later


rehearsals tonight if the lads can get here through the flood waters of athens today. thunder and lightening, rain and general nastiness today. sometimes miserable weather inspires good work though… we’ll see.

oh and it’s my birthday tomorrow…

nasty bugs

rehearsals were cancelled yesterday. a horrible little virus is making the rounds and knocked out our michalis. next rehearsal scheduled for friday. hopefully we will all be fit by then. it’s always worrying coming up to gigs. getting ill or getting an injury. vishy cut his finger a couple of days ago and his immediate thought was “i hope this doesn’t effect my playing !” thankfully, the cut wasn’t serious.

talking of illness. one of my weirdest stage experience was of throwing up in the wings (from a stomach bug not nerves), performing for an hour and a half straight and then running off after the curtain call to throw up again.

i’m sure you all wanted to know that…

friday fun

fridays are good. rehearsals in the evening. end of the week. so it’s all good.

great to see friends adding here at a fast rate. makes me feel like we are getting back in the loop after a long break from gigging and being involved in the scene. i’ve missed playing and hanging out with the bands here. looking forward to seeing old friends and new ones in real life.

over and out