Already after such a short time, like two days maximum, We feel a sense of nostalgia for the older versions of this site. My, but it has come a long way since those heady days of youth. It used to be that Vishy had to make everything in code; every new additions meant going through pages and pages of hand written code and making the changes.

Now that we’re fully up to date with all the newfangled mobile devices and so on it is so much easier to make site-wide changes, but perhaps some of the charm of the old has gone? It’s gone now; get over it people…

And a few screenshots of the old pages too.

The recycled version
The recycled version
The old front page navigation panel
The old front page navigation panel


(By the way at the foot of this site you will find links to older version of the band site. Some links may be missing due to various changes over the years, but the bulk of the old sites is still functional. This should interest those of you with a passion for history and those of you with a geeky completist complex. Enjoy. But hey not too much!)

The New Look Blog

So yes well, there comes a time when all things must of necessity change. With the massive growth of new ways of looking at the internet and all the newfangled mobile devices and so on we were finally forced to grit our teeth and change the design of the site away from Vishy more arty but less flexible designs. Here it is introducing the new, cleaner; dare one say maturer face of Bad Mathematics. We hope you like it and spend a lot of your free time idling about here. Spread the word.

Hello world!

Hullo there folks what follow the band!

Now then ladies and gents. This here is a spanking new full on Vishy designed, Cassi administered first for us. This is the first time we’re actually making and hosting and even designing our own blog completely. Soon there will be a plethora of new things here and all the old stuff from our existing blog.

We’re so excited we’re peeing ourselves. In fact Cassi is doing a joyous jig because she worked out all the technical part of implementing this and is now well (deservedly) proud of herself!!!! SO please keep all eyes peeled for this till we get it really going.

Hooray for Cassi and Hooray for Bad Mathematics for their perseverance and just tenacious going power.

Thanks you.