Already after such a short time, like two days maximum, We feel a sense of nostalgia for the older versions of this site. My, but it has come a long way since those heady days of youth. It used to be that Vishy had to make everything in code; every new additions meant going through pages and pages of hand written code and making the changes.

Now that we’re fully up to date with all the newfangled mobile devices and so on it is so much easier to make site-wide changes, but perhaps some of the charm of the old has gone? It’s gone now; get over it people…

And a few screenshots of the old pages too.

The recycled version
The recycled version
The old front page navigation panel
The old front page navigation panel


(By the way at the foot of this site you will find links to older version of the band site. Some links may be missing due to various changes over the years, but the bulk of the old sites is still functional. This should interest those of you with a passion for history and those of you with a geeky completist complex. Enjoy. But hey not too much!)

twitter twaddle

do any of you use twitter?

if you are asking ‘what the hell is twitter?” then you probably don’t use it, although those of us who do could ask ourselves the same question.

basically, it is a social networking system that allows you to send and read people’s “tweets” which are text messages of up to 140 characters. in a nutshell, it’s your facebook status without all the other paraphernalia.

over 100 million people use it, mostly for very dull and pointless purposes. but there are some people (very, very few) who are able to be genuinely amusing in 140 characters. perhaps the most famous is stephen fry (mentioned in the previous post). the woman who claims to be his wife and mother of his 5 or 6 children, mrs stephen fry, is perhaps even funnier (she also has a blog). another bastion of british comedy, john cleese is still alive and twatting like a loon.  the fucking queen is amusing but not amused. and god has a sense of humour, believe it or not. shit my dad says is worth joining twitter for but one of my absolute favorites has to be the funniest dog on the planet, bLoOMeRrOoNeY. she’s the only person (or animal) who merits using capital letters on this blog.

and there’s the dilemna. you cannot enjoy the pearls of nonsense on twitter unless you actually join and most people really don’t want to bother with any more internet crap. but if you do want to broaden your horizons beyond facebook, twitter can be fun and has also broken news before some of the major news channels. tweeple knew about the earthquake in haiti long before the msm picked it up and when the icelandic volcano trapped travellers all over europe, twitter was invaluable for hooking up and sharing rides to get home.

so if you need more entertainment but have the attention span of a gnat, join us and lots of other silly people on twitter. and don’t blame me if you get addicted. i’m sure there’s an online therapy group for tweetaholism and twitterhea.

happy tweeting…