so now we have a shiny new blog and i will be working on getting people to actually read it. on the myspace blog we had about three faithful followers which was great but i had very little control over anything (and i do like to have control). if you want to stay up to date with what’s happening here, why not grab our blog feed ?

no idea what i’m talking about ?

ok, here it is…

firefox, safari and opera (i am sure the others do as well, i just don’t use them) have a little button to the right of the blog address which says rss or subscribe or something like that. if you click on that, you will be adding the feed of that blog to your browser. this will save you having to visit this blog everyday to check for updates (your browser will check automatically.

to set up the way you want to read your feeds, go to the preferences in your browser. in firefox it is under feeds and in safari it is under rss. you can also choose any number of free rss readers. i use netnewswire lite. it’s for mac and is very easy to use. i am sure you pc users can find one you like but as i only use macs i wouldn’t feel comfortable recommending one. if you decide on an external reader you will need to change your preferences in your favorite browser to reflect your choice.

you might also come accross a little sign like this


on most blogs. this is a kind of universal symbol for rss (really simple syndication) and does exactly the same thing as the button i described above. click on it to subscribe to that blog. you can also subscribe to individual posts or to comments in some cases. usually those feeds are at the bottom of a post. there is also a entries and comments feed in the right-hand sidebar of this blog.

i hope that makes things a little clearer for those of you who are new to blogs. if it’s not clear (i am not good at writing technical stuff), please feel free to email me at cassi at badmathematics dot com and i will see if i can help.

give a whirl. i know you want to.

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