bob baker is an interesting chap with a great blog for us indie music types who are trying to make it happen. today he has a post called 5 Steps to Setting Music Goals You Will Reach. if you are like me you sometimes need reminding about things like this:

Make your goals specific and measurable.

Saying “I want to be a rock star” is admirable, but what is that exactly and how do you know when you’ve arrived? Instead, make your goals concrete: “I want to play 25 live shows and build my mailing list to 2,000 people by the end of May.” That kind of goal is also measurable. By the end of May, you’ll know how close you came to reaching (or exceeding) it.

good advice for us diva-like people who have wild imaginations and think we can do it all… by tomorrow. go and poke around at his blog for a while. he is full of good ideas and advice for us flailing music bods.

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