Yes indeed folks. After nearly fifteen years of being entertainers and musicians to the masses, educating the public in rare and well received live shows, the band Bad Mathematics have spent the last few months busily recording the first in a series of three possible albums.The first of these will be released hopefully by the end of this summer of 2014. It is entitled “Everything Falls Apart” and will contain the first 11 or 13 recordings.

The band have been mixing and producing, with the very capable Zack Kotsikis; our erstwhile engineer and producer; for the last many months, to finally collect their large number of mostly never before recorded songs in one magnificent collection.

Vishy has designed the album cover and artwork, using two

of the beautiful photographs of Michalis to bring you a product that is truly entirely self produced. We can not wait to finish production, packaging and shipping the first of these with any luck sooner rather than later. Watch this space.

The album features, aside from the regular members in their known positions, additional work by the brilliant Orestis Tsichlakis on the trumpet. A great new addition to the sound of Bad Mathematics.

Below Vishy has mocked up the album cover in Photoshop to peak your interest and get you excited while we finish the process of producing the album. If you are really lucky we may even post a sample of one of the tracks one of these days. So eyes on please

Everything Falls Apart Inside Cover
Everything Falls Apart Outside Cover