happy 2008

we will be starting 2008 with a new addition to the bad mathematics empire… this new blog. i got fed up with the myspace blog and all its design and layout limitations. so i migrated the entire thing and the vast amounts of comments (ha ha ha) over to wordpress.

now you can comment on the blog directly or from within our website. cool isn’t it ?

i am wishing you, my dear and faithful reader, a very happy new year. i hope you will be celebrating in a big way (lots of food, drink and friends). i know we will be!

look forward to many more shiny additions to this place next year.


see you on the other side



family tradition

i don’t put up our tree until after the sixteenth of the month. why ? it’s one of my sisters birthday on the sixteenth and when we were growing up we decided that her birthday should not be mixed up with christmas. we all carry on that tradition. i think that’s really nice…

really cold

no lie. it’s not fun here in athens at the moment. cold damp and broke. not a great combination.

still christmas is around the corner (actually it’s right up in our faces) i am looking forward to putting the tree up in a week or so. pretty lights and baubles can make all the difference. can’t wait for all the christmas grub, the lazy late mornings and hopefully a few prezzies. oh, and i’ve saved a nice bottle of dimple for christmas day.

consider yourselves invited to drop by over the holidays and share a tipple.

party animals

it was the big party on saturday for my birthday. i went down with the nasty bug on friday and for the first time as far as i remember i cut short a rehearsal and went to bed feeling totally lousy. despite feeling snotty and crap for most of the day, the party, the company (and copious amounts of wine) got me up and dancing till the small hours. i had a great time. it was a wonderful night of friendly, drunken fun. thanks everyone.

most of sunday was spent huddled in front of the telly with lots of hot soup and tea. busy week of rehearsals etc to prepare for the big day.

more tomorrow…


chocolate for breakfast again today. i know i’m a diva ! birthday dins dins last night. octopus and kalamari. lovely. a big thank you to my favorite person ever for spoiling me.

more rehearsals today. getting closer to the big gig day. ten days to go! i’ve made myself nervous now… ahhhhhhhh.

does anyone read this blog ? never mind, i’m enjoying talking to myself.