i don’t know how to write about last night.

it was one of those rare and wonderful evenings that cannot be truly explained or repeated. you really had to be there. it was an electrifying, smoky, hot, dangerous, delightful and uplifting experience. there were mistakes and problems and heart-stopping moments of pure fear, but they were totally swept aside by the pure energy and genius of other moments. you really had to be there.

thank you mr. vice lesley (;-)) of the velvoids for being gutsy enough to get this idea started and doing it with great success. thank you to all the other bands and musicians who took the risk of taking part and pulled it off in a spectacular way. thank you to tassos and the small music theatre for being the greatest hosts this town has. thank you to giorgos for doing a grand job on the sound desk. thank you to everyone who came in such numbers. thank you to everyone who said such great stuff about us. thank you for all the hugs. i am still feeling the glow. looking forward to the next one…

and you really have to be there.

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