important notice: time change

the gig gods have struck again. as you know, we have a gig tonight (at after dark) and the management™ produced the pornography poster. on that poster, it says “doors open 9.30pm”. however, unbeknownst to us, on saturdays the venue opens the doors at 10pm and the gig will not start until 12.

anyone planning to be there when the doors open are, of course, more than welcome to do so but be warned… there will be two hours before we get onstage.

to all you fashionably late, cool people, ignore this notice and come at your usual late hour.

to all you terribly uncool people like me, come along anyway and we’ll hang out.

see you later

cool to be uncool

apart from it being very cool to be uncool, here is another spectacular reason for you to make it to the gig tomorrow (saturday 19th june 2010 at after dark)…

it will be air-conditioned heaven and a welcome relief from the heatwave that has descended on greece. i know, i know… you’re currently flopping about at home, sweating like a world cup footballer and thinking that you will never be able to move more than two inches away from your fan and that bucket of ice-cubes. the good news is that, in the interests of doing our bit for global warming, the venue we are playing at is deliciously cold. last time we played there in the summer, i actually had to ask them to turn the air-conditioning down a bit because i was freezing my tits off.

as with all bad mathematics gigs, we are battling against various factors to get people through the doors tomorrow. a heatwave, the effing football and now we find out that it’s the european music weekend, with free concerts all over the city in local squares.

no wonder we were invited to play! we’re probably the only band in athens that can guarantee a gaggle of hard-drinking, rowdy wasters, even when confronted by this tidal wave of alternative events.

so let’s prove that we have pulling power, my adorable readers (all three of you now!). on with the bikinis (suggestions for boys over here. warning: not for the faint-hearted) and head down to after dark… where the drinks are cool and the music is cooler (in an uncool kind of way).

gig time

when: tuesday, 20th april 2010 at 9.30pm

where: afaneis, psyrri

who: bad mathematics with special guest, piers marsh  of alabama 3 (composer of theme tune of the sopranos)

why: because we can…

next gig

our next gig will be on thursday march 11th 2010 at after dark, athens, greece.

it’s been a while but we’ve been pretty busy working on new tracks and generally mucking about with the upright bass and our funky 8 track. it’s all looking and sounding very good for our first album. yes, you did read that correctly… first album. finally we got our shit together, lazy gits that we are.

so, come to the next gig for a preview of the album. we might not play all the tracks because we do like to keep everyone on their toes but you never know…we might.

big bad blogger

what a naughty and neglectful diva i am, dearest reader. (hope you are still there !) i haven’t written here for weeks and while i don’t really feel bad about that, i wish i could find it in me to write more often. the truth is that nothing has happened with the band since i last wrote. two of the boys went on holiday. you’ll be able to tell which two when you see us next. they’ll be the tanned bottoms clad in thongs. i wish !

so what’s new that prompts me to write today. well, our incredibly creative bass god vishy has come up with a poster for the next live show (lamia on the 23rd august). and here it is…

to quote the artist himself…

mad as a bucket

you really had to be there

i don’t know how to write about last night.

it was one of those rare and wonderful evenings that cannot be truly explained or repeated. you really had to be there. it was an electrifying, smoky, hot, dangerous, delightful and uplifting experience. there were mistakes and problems and heart-stopping moments of pure fear, but they were totally swept aside by the pure energy and genius of other moments. you really had to be there.

thank you mr. vice lesley (;-)) of the velvoids for being gutsy enough to get this idea started and doing it with great success. thank you to all the other bands and musicians who took the risk of taking part and pulled it off in a spectacular way. thank you to tassos and the small music theatre for being the greatest hosts this town has. thank you to giorgos for doing a grand job on the sound desk. thank you to everyone who came in such numbers. thank you to everyone who said such great stuff about us. thank you for all the hugs. i am still feeling the glow. looking forward to the next one…

and you really have to be there.

a unique evening

the idea that bad mathematics are doing an acoustic set tomorrow is absurd. we are a big bad loud rocking band aren’t we ? but that’s exactly what we are going to do. we’ve been rehearsing unplugged in our living room and we’ve been doing some rarely heard pieces. it’s been fun and i am looking forward to trying something new tomorrow. we are going to attempt some improvisation too. live and proud. it’s a little scary but we have never been afraid of scary. i hope you will make it down to the small music theatre on friday and be part of  a truly unique evening.  these kind of events don’t come around very often.