the idea that bad mathematics are doing an acoustic set tomorrow is absurd. we are a big bad loud rocking band aren’t we ? but that’s exactly what we are going to do. we’ve been rehearsing unplugged in our living room and we’ve been doing some rarely heard pieces. it’s been fun and i am looking forward to trying something new tomorrow. we are going to attempt some improvisation too. live and proud. it’s a little scary but we have never been afraid of scary. i hope you will make it down to the small music theatre on friday and be part of  a truly unique evening.  these kind of events don’t come around very often.

3 thoughts on “a unique evening”

  1. Hey BM, really miss hearing the great stuff!. If you ever decide to do a US tour / visit, please look me up. I have been trying to contact Ellen, with no avail. If you have any info on her whereabouts, I’d love to know. Keep up the great sounds!!!

  2. @casey: we’ve “lost” ellen too ! she’s been snapped up by the big bad world of film ! thanks for your lovely words.

    @geological: that’s ok… missing the point. it was an acoustic gig we did a while ago. i suppose i never expect people who don’t know the band to read this blog, so i forget that some people won’t know what i’m on about ! thanks for dropping by. i hope you will visit often.

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