tori amos – god

seeing as this is supposed to be a music blog, i’m posting some…. music!

go see it here

god, sometimes you just don’t come through
god, sometimes you just don’t come through
do you need a woman to look after you
god, sometimes you just don’t come through

i have a huge soft spot for tori amos. she’s talented, odd, unique and seriously underrated. all the stuff i like in an artist. she’s often categorised as “alternative” which means she’s consigned to the sidelines of the music machine but also means she’s free to do what the hell she likes.

when i dream of fame and fortune (which, of course, i have succeeded in achieving ;-)), i imagine being like ms. amos or bjork or pj harvey.

wild, wacky and wonderful.

sucker punch


if you are lucky enough to be in london between the 11th and 24th of june, go and see “sucker punch” at the royal court (book now!). it’s written by an old mate of mine, roy williams, who is now a “sir” if you don’t mind ! he was in the first theatre company i worked with and has gone on to become a hugely successful playwright.

best of luck lad.

i’m very proud of you.

wish i could be there to see it.

more on roy and the play “sucker punch” in the guardian,