because we don’t have a bus to come and pick you up and can’t afford chauffeurs to deliver you personally, most of you will have to find your own way to ston aera. I, of course, will be arriving in a stretch limo with my huge entourage but don’t let that put you off taking the bus.

for those of you who have a car or can beg, borrow or steal one for the night, directions are posted below. please don’t come alone in the car especially if it is an SUV. bring your friends, your sweethearts, your family (or your pet if you don’t have any of the former). think about the environment. we don’t want to be responsible for athens’ very own bit of global warming. also, the band will personally thank you for bringing your own crowd.
remember, it’s this friday 1st june 2007 at ston aera. see you all there.
apparently, this is no more than a 20-25 minutes drive. people go further than that for a pork chop. so no excuses.

take attiki odos towards elefsina.
take the exit 6 (leoforos filis).
take leoforos filis towards athens for 850 m.
Turn right: leoforos kamaterou for 550 m.
turn right: vourvahi street for 50 m.
turn left: stratarhou papagou street for 1650 m.
turn left: agiou nikolaou street for 300 m.
turn right: thessalias street for 1300 m.
turn right: 25 martiou street for 200 m.
arrive in 25 martiou square (petroupoli square).
kasou 11 street is opposite.

ston aera is right there. doors open at 9pm.

thank you to the workaholics for providing the directions!

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