so vishy, our loony lovable  bassplayer and webmaster extraordinaire, is working on version 9.0 of the bad mathematics site. he was up until the birds had all had breakfast and gone back to bed, feverishly tinkering with the design and it looks bloody amazing…… 

the new home of psychoblues™®© brings the band another step closer to world domination and it’s about time, i say.

btw, have you joined us on twitter and facebook yet? if not, what are you waiting for ? it’s all free and easy to do. and that way you get to read even more waffle and nonsense from us.

don’t forget all you athens based bods, next gig is at afaneis on the 20th april 2010. that’s a week tomorrow for the mathematically challenged among us. that’s surely why you love us ?

One thought on “update fever”

  1. I’m so happy! Kee wiittrng – Do what you love in life and always remember ….Money will follow passion, but the reverse is rare. xoxox Tam-

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