down under

loads of stuff has happened since i last wrote any nonsense here. i won’t bore you with details, dear reader (yep. down to one again) but suffice to say, it’s all turned better than expected. the big news this week is that our deranged delectable bass player is off to oz for a month. i hope he doesn’t get stolen from us by one of the fab bands that reside in the land down under 😉

have a fabulous trip, vishy. and come back to us full of stories and music and pictures. enjoy it for all of us. xxxxx

the mac guru strikes again

i’m a bit late posting today but i have a very good reason. in fact, i have two very good reasons. i am now the proud owner of not one but two computers. now before you say, “bloody hell, why do these waster diva types manage to end up with all the good stuff?”, i will explain.

i had a rickety old mac laptop with a broken hinge and a dead monitor that i had hooked up to another monitor so that it was basically a desktop. i was then given an even older laptop which didn’t have a broken hinge and a monitor that worked but was a bit wonky in its own unique way.

our crazy clever bass player/webmaster and all-round tech head vishy, has spent the last few days cannibalising both until i have ended up with two working machines: a proper laptop and a laptop with no lid that is functioning as a desktop.

don’t ask me how he’s done it. whenever anyone starts getting into the nitty gritty of computers, it all starts to sound like rocket science and i can’t make head or tail of it. i know my original hard drive is now in my new laptop and the “desktop” is running off an external hard drive. other than that, all i know is that it all works and i am mobile again if i want to be.

so hats off to the tech genius and a big thank you from the diva (who has two computers).


FROM: The Managementâ„¢

TO: Ms T. Diva

Below is the full, formal and public notice to the party of the first part (the accused), one Ms The Diva to cease and desist in her libellous, slanderous harassment and defamation of the party of the second part (the plaintiff), namely Mr Vishy Moghan.

(Case No. 85762-4. Under the penal code of the European Court of Law. Action: Mr. V. Moghan (B.A. Hons) vs. Ms The Diva. Date of initial notice: 06.06.2010)

(as proscribed by articles of law pertaining to libel and slander within the EU; articles 576 through 800 section 4 of European Laws of Libel and slander, protection of individuals, from, as outlined by the EU council for the protection of individuals from personal attack. Resolution 25 ratified 05.08.1995).

It has been brought to the notice of The Managementâ„¢ (herewith ref. TMâ„¢) that the party known as Ms T. Diva (herewith ref. TD) has published and circulated a spurious and indefensible document on certain public fora (i.e. The weblog at the electronic address accusing our client Mr. V. Moghan esq. (herewith ref. VM) of producing and publishing certain photographic material of inflammatory and improper content to the various electronic addresses of the musical band known as Bad Mathematics (herewith ref. BM), therefore inciting unbecoming and lewd reactions and responses from certain (specifically male) members of the public.

Also, it is our contention, that she, TD has by direct and indirect means brought into question the very character of our client (VM) by casting his whole person in a harsh and misleading light with her words.

It is further the contention of said circular that she, TD herself was not in any way party to the instigation and creation of these, allegedly, lewd and offensive materials. Contained there in (the said document) is also an entirely vicious and unnecessary attack upon the person of the lady who took part, as sitter for the photographic illustration of alleged lewd material, bringing into question the very character and moral fibre of the photographic subject in question.

In rebuttal, TMâ„¢ would like to point out that the lady who kindly sat for this artistic portrait photograph is of the highest moral standard, of good family and God-fearing disposition and social standing.

It is entirely shocking and unacceptable to TMâ„¢ and to our client VM that such harsh and wholly unwelcome diatribe has been directed toward his person and the person of the lady (name withheld on request) in question (clarification: the subject of the photograph in question or portraitee) herewith ref. SLUT.

Further, VM demands immediate and unconditional retraction of all the above accusations by TD and a formal public apology from same.

Also we TM™ in our capacity as the overview committee responsible for the welfare and protection of the members of the musical band BM, hereby notify the complainant TD of our (TM™’s) conditions regarding said apology and retraction. Namely that as of today (Sunday 06.06.2010) said TD has a window of one (1) week to publish her responses in a public forum (e.g. this weblog) vis-a-vis said accusations.

In the case that TD does not fully comply with our demands in regard to this unfortunate affair, further punitive action shall be instigated against her and her estate before a justice of the high court in the county of her residence.

It is the legal and acknowledged right of this body, TMâ„¢, and their client(s) Mr. VM and Ms SLUT, to demand full and complete compensation from said Ms TD, and demand that she regard this document as full, binding and legal notification hereby served upon her person and estate(s).

No further notification is deemed necessary and all parties are bound by law to accept said document as our final and absolute notification.

n.b. It is also worth noting that the actions of the party herein referred to as TD are tantamount to a deliberate, premeditated and unforgivable personal tirade and assault upon our client VM and that furthermore they certainly constitute an attempt by TD to curb and prohibit the intellectual and established rights of our client, VM to freedom of artistic expression. Which in and of it itself is sufficient cause and ground for initiating legal proceedings against her (TD).

The Managementâ„¢ etc. (representation: the firm of B M T & M, of Athens, Greece)


exaggerate the truth

so i asked our unscrupulous inspiring webmaster/bass player for a word as inspiration for today’s post. i was feeling a little overstretched (couldn’t be bothered) by my self-imposed “one post per day” regime. and he fired back with “mendacity“. thanks mate!

but as i sit here thinking about it, i have a sneaking suspicion that this was a rather well-disguised attack on your beloved diva. you see how he rather sneakily pretended that he was just throwing out the first word that popped into his mind, when the truth is that this has been brewing for a long time. he secretly believes that the diva is, perhaps, a little mendacious? no, no, no, i hear you all cry. the diva telling porkie pies? impossible.

as a genuine diva, it is my job to exaggerate the truth. to add spice to mundane things. i’m not going to sit here and write about my trips to lidl or cleaning the toilet, am i? i am trying to create the illusion of being a star and while it’s not exactly true in real life, it is in my head. and that’s not mendacity. it’s the nature of us suffering artists. we struggle and toil to bring our creativeness to the huddled masses. with very little thanks or recognition. so excuse me, mister barking mad charming bass player, i will continue to write my reams of wisdom for the lesser mortals who read this blog (both of them) and bugger to anyone who thinks of “mendacity” when i ask them to help me.

ps: please ignore the above brain fart. i just drank some very strong coffee and appear to have lost the plot for the moment. normal blogging will return tomorrow.

pps: good word though.

shiny new blog

so we’ve changed the look of the blog to incorporate our new found business heads. it’s cleaner, leaner and a tad more mature than the old one. our lunatic lovely webmaster vishy, has made buttons and bells to link to our vast array of sites all over the internet. he’s made the rather childish and sometimes downright awful logos of facebook, twitter and youtube, look rather swanky I think. i have a fresh glow of geekness about my person and i’m looking forward to getting down to just blogging my nonsense on a more regular basis.

we are off on wednesday or thursday to look at prices for t-shirts and the cost of making the silk screens. all is buzzing in the bad mathematics camp. i’m off to get my beauty sleep as every diva should…

update fever

so vishy, our loony lovable  bassplayer and webmaster extraordinaire, is working on version 9.0 of the bad mathematics site. he was up until the birds had all had breakfast and gone back to bed, feverishly tinkering with the design and it looks bloody amazing…… 

the new home of psychoblues™®© brings the band another step closer to world domination and it’s about time, i say.

btw, have you joined us on twitter and facebook yet? if not, what are you waiting for ? it’s all free and easy to do. and that way you get to read even more waffle and nonsense from us.

don’t forget all you athens based bods, next gig is at afaneis on the 20th april 2010. that’s a week tomorrow for the mathematically challenged among us. that’s surely why you love us ?

new keyboard love

our webmaster and computer guru just bought a new keyboard and he let me use it to write this post. it’s gorgeous, it’s sexy and of course, it’s an apple. just waiting till the band hit the big time… ha ha ha

the new taste of bad mathematics

our incredibly talented webmaster (and bass player) has forced us, dragged us kicking and screaming, politely suggested and led us by the hand into 2008 with version 8 of the bad mathematics website. it’s up online as a beta, ready for you to go and play about with it and tell us what you think. all suggestions and ideas will be taken seriously but we reserve the right to totally ignore them.

what are you waiting for ? go and grab a piece before it all goes.
thank you, vishy. you are the best.

new gig new poster

our almighty webmaster (!) has made the poster for the next show. he slaved away for at least 10 minutes and produced the piece of rubbish you see below. what are we going to do with him ? we have to find ourselves a decent designer.

photography & design: Vishy Moghan © 2007

[i was joking! he is wonderful. thank you mr webmaster/chief designer/bass player type person. you’re the best.]

working on stuff

vishy and i have been plotting and planning new additions to the bad mathematics empire. i won’t reveal anything just yet because that’s just added pressure that we really don’t need. i will say one thing though.

money, money that’s the thing.

watch this space….

new website up

our superb webmaster vishy has version 7 of the Bad Mathematics website up and running. it looks great and is packed full of goodies as always. go take a look and let us know what you think. vishy, a big public thank you from me for all your hard work and brilliant ideas. you are the best.