so i asked our unscrupulous inspiring webmaster/bass player for a word as inspiration for today’s post. i was feeling a little overstretched (couldn’t be bothered) by my self-imposed “one post per day” regime. and he fired back with “mendacity“. thanks mate!

but as i sit here thinking about it, i have a sneaking suspicion that this was a rather well-disguised attack on your beloved diva. you see how he rather sneakily pretended that he was just throwing out the first word that popped into his mind, when the truth is that this has been brewing for a long time. he secretly believes that the diva is, perhaps, a little mendacious? no, no, no, i hear you all cry. the diva telling porkie pies? impossible.

as a genuine diva, it is my job to exaggerate the truth. to add spice to mundane things. i’m not going to sit here and write about my trips to lidl or cleaning the toilet, am i? i am trying to create the illusion of being a star and while it’s not exactly true in real life, it is in my head. and that’s not mendacity. it’s the nature of us suffering artists. we struggle and toil to bring our creativeness to the huddled masses. with very little thanks or recognition. so excuse me, mister barking mad charming bass player, i will continue to write my reams of wisdom for the lesser mortals who read this blog (both of them) and bugger to anyone who thinks of “mendacity” when i ask them to help me.

ps: please ignore the above brain fart. i just drank some very strong coffee and appear to have lost the plot for the moment. normal blogging will return tomorrow.

pps: good word though.

10 thoughts on “exaggerate the truth”

  1. Mendacity and Obfuscation! It’s the thin end of the wedge when the Diva starts willy nilly throwing this kind of aspersion upon the person of the bands gentle and charming bass player. Mendacious? you better believe it… the cheek of it! Really! (The Management TM)

  2. i bet i speak for your other reader, too, when i say we’d love to read about your exploits at lidl.

    no need to tell us about the loo, though. we’ll just use our imaginations.

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