the empire spreads

lots of plans afoot for the bad mathematics empire. we will be taking over the world very shortly… our soppy super webmaster, vishy has not only built us a fantastically, gorgeous new website but has now designed a series of t-shirts that will be going on sale very soon. head over to the stuff section of the website for a sneak preview and let us know what you think. and if anyone knows any good quality t-shirt printing companies, let me know in the comments or by email to the management.

update fever

so vishy, our loony lovable  bassplayer and webmaster extraordinaire, is working on version 9.0 of the bad mathematics site. he was up until the birds had all had breakfast and gone back to bed, feverishly tinkering with the design and it looks bloody amazing…… 

the new home of psychoblues™®© brings the band another step closer to world domination and it’s about time, i say.

btw, have you joined us on twitter and facebook yet? if not, what are you waiting for ? it’s all free and easy to do. and that way you get to read even more waffle and nonsense from us.

don’t forget all you athens based bods, next gig is at afaneis on the 20th april 2010. that’s a week tomorrow for the mathematically challenged among us. that’s surely why you love us ?

the new taste of bad mathematics

our incredibly talented webmaster (and bass player) has forced us, dragged us kicking and screaming, politely suggested and led us by the hand into 2008 with version 8 of the bad mathematics website. it’s up online as a beta, ready for you to go and play about with it and tell us what you think. all suggestions and ideas will be taken seriously but we reserve the right to totally ignore them.

what are you waiting for ? go and grab a piece before it all goes.
thank you, vishy. you are the best.

new gig new poster

our almighty webmaster (!) has made the poster for the next show. he slaved away for at least 10 minutes and produced the piece of rubbish you see below. what are we going to do with him ? we have to find ourselves a decent designer.

photography & design: Vishy Moghan © 2007

[i was joking! he is wonderful. thank you mr webmaster/chief designer/bass player type person. you’re the best.]

working on stuff

vishy and i have been plotting and planning new additions to the bad mathematics empire. i won’t reveal anything just yet because that’s just added pressure that we really don’t need. i will say one thing though.

money, money that’s the thing.

watch this space….

new website up

our superb webmaster vishy has version 7 of the Bad Mathematics website up and running. it looks great and is packed full of goodies as always. go take a look and let us know what you think. vishy, a big public thank you from me for all your hard work and brilliant ideas. you are the best.

our favorite webmaster

vishy is currently working on changes to the bad mathematics website. i hear strange utterings from across the room as he battles with drop menus and a wobbly monitor. most of what he mutters is unrepeatable, so expect exciting new developments in the future. the badder and madder he gets, the shinier the results