twitter twaddle

do any of you use twitter?

if you are asking ‘what the hell is twitter?” then you probably don’t use it, although those of us who do could ask ourselves the same question.

basically, it is a social networking system that allows you to send and read people’s “tweets” which are text messages of up to 140 characters. in a nutshell, it’s your facebook status without all the other paraphernalia.

over 100 million people use it, mostly for very dull and pointless purposes. but there are some people (very, very few) who are able to be genuinely amusing in 140 characters. perhaps the most famous is stephen fry (mentioned in the previous post). the woman who claims to be his wife and mother of his 5 or 6 children, mrs stephen fry, is perhaps even funnier (she also has a blog). another bastion of british comedy, john cleese is still alive and twatting like a loon.  the fucking queen is amusing but not amused. and god has a sense of humour, believe it or not. shit my dad says is worth joining twitter for but one of my absolute favorites has to be the funniest dog on the planet, bLoOMeRrOoNeY. she’s the only person (or animal) who merits using capital letters on this blog.

and there’s the dilemna. you cannot enjoy the pearls of nonsense on twitter unless you actually join and most people really don’t want to bother with any more internet crap. but if you do want to broaden your horizons beyond facebook, twitter can be fun and has also broken news before some of the major news channels. tweeple knew about the earthquake in haiti long before the msm picked it up and when the icelandic volcano trapped travellers all over europe, twitter was invaluable for hooking up and sharing rides to get home.

so if you need more entertainment but have the attention span of a gnat, join us and lots of other silly people on twitter. and don’t blame me if you get addicted. i’m sure there’s an online therapy group for tweetaholism and twitterhea.

happy tweeting…

facebook our lives

social networks are connecting people like never before. we can keep up-to-date with the intimate details of our friends lives without ever seeing them (or often, without having ever met them). more and more we are facebooking and tweeting our lives. i think at some point, most of us have asked ourselves “what the hell am i doing?”, having rushed home after a fabulous night out and stayed up to post pictures to our wall, update our status or at least twittered about our drunken adventure. i have the excuse that i’m a diva and i’m in a band, so people are really interested in my exploits. but what about lesser mortals? do i really need to know about your budgie with the runs or what kind of knickers you are wearing?

of course, the answer is… yes!

why the hell not? we’ve had to put up with decades of hearing crap about celebrities. who gives a rats backside whether britney spears forgot to get fully dressed…again? or whether paris hilton likes figs or bananas? I’m much more interested in my friend’s love life or looking at pictures from events that, for some reason or another (usually distance), i couldn’t be part of but can feel included via facebook. i can exchange silly comments, jokes or thoughts that i would never pick up the phone to share. i can send links to things i found interesting and they can ignore them without any feelings of guilt on either side. i can chat when i feel like it without having to get dressed or tidy up my house or have anything of substance to say. just because i want to say “hi”

i like that.

i’m not sure if it’s of any value to the world. or to us as individuals. i don’t think it necessarily makes us closer or makes us better friends. i’m sure lots of people would argue that it’s time-wasting and there are hundreds of other things we could/should be doing. but that’s always been the case. what did we do before we had facebook and twitter when we couldn’t be assed to do something more “productive”? watched telly. twiddled our thumbs. stared out of the window. slept. all pretty useless (well, sleeping is good if you have to).

for many of us, social networks have made us more communicative and, dare i say it, made us feel that are lives are interesting enough to share. that we are all celebrities in our own lunchtimes. and i believe we are as interesting as any of the famous folk. just as complex, intriguing and unique.

social media/citizen journalism is a different kettle of fish. i’ll do a post on that tomorrow (probably). for now, i’m enjoying sharing my nonsense with you, my two faithful readers (yes, it’s two now!) and i hope you are too. i’ll stop when i start saying “lol” in real life. until then…

update fever

so vishy, our loony lovable  bassplayer and webmaster extraordinaire, is working on version 9.0 of the bad mathematics site. he was up until the birds had all had breakfast and gone back to bed, feverishly tinkering with the design and it looks bloody amazing…… 

the new home of psychoblues™®© brings the band another step closer to world domination and it’s about time, i say.

btw, have you joined us on twitter and facebook yet? if not, what are you waiting for ? it’s all free and easy to do. and that way you get to read even more waffle and nonsense from us.

don’t forget all you athens based bods, next gig is at afaneis on the 20th april 2010. that’s a week tomorrow for the mathematically challenged among us. that’s surely why you love us ?

myspace sucks

we made it to over 10,000 profile views on myspace without cheating.
and we’re going global. we had our first friends request from africa and we are looking forward to contact from asia (the only continent we haven’t reached)

myspace still sucks but we are not ready to give up on the whole thing just yet. why ? because to take over the world, you still have to have a myspace. and that’s our goal… to take over the world.

it’s painful to have to cross-post over there but to achieve anything in this world, you have to be willing to suffer.

see you in one week. at after dark !

design disaster

let’s face it, myspace was not made with us in mind. the pages i’ve seen around are mostly horrible and some are even scary. i’ve done what i can for now even though the lack of control is winding me up something rotten.

very, very happy to find we now have 19 friends. in that, myspace does work; as a networking tool. hi to everyone in our list and i’m glad we made contact.

almost smiling

i am migrating our entire myspace blog over here to wordpress because, to be quite honest, myspace really sucks. i am copy/pasting everything here. starting now… welcome to everything falls apart

so we finally got onto myspace… it’s not pretty but i have been working all day to change some of the default (bad) design. have patience. we will soon be up and running with a place we can feel is really ours.