it’s been a while now since i wrote about the big bad band known as bad mathematics and believe it or not, we have news.

first of all, tomorrow night (tuesday 12 february) the vivacious, vibrant and victorious velvoids will be playing at after dark for your extreme entertainment. if you’re not there, you are more boring than i thought.

good luck my friends. see you up front and live.

next… we will be playing our next gig with the aforementioned band (the velvoids yeah!) at after dark on the 12th march 2008 (yeah, that’s this year) .

our glorious webmaster (who lost the front page of our website this weekend and re-built it in 20 minutes!) has also made a poster for the gig in a break between coffee and taking a pee.

we love you almighty webmaster and even our distinct lack of knowledge and the “we’ve got no brains” comments, cannot take away from the fact that the poster is brilliant.

so here it is…


be there, or be more boring than i could ever imagine, let alone speak of…

come on people, bookmark our website for all the latest news. we are here.

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