above: the aleph on stage at ston aera on june 1st 2007

what can i say. i’ve been rendered speechless and deeply moved by the reaction from everyone. from tz who braved public transport to be there to the multitude of kind words i have ever received after a gig to the moving note, to the hugs and love from friends old and new, to the food joint that stayed open to feed the starving artists.

first and foremost, thank you to michalis at ston aera who is my favorite sound engineer in the world and is, in my opinion, the best in town. your enthusiasm and praise for bad mathematics is heart-warming. and i loved your t-shirt.

thank you to yiannis at ston aera for welcoming us back and making this venue my first choice of places to play.

a giant thank you to the aleph and to the workaholics for accepting our invitation to play together and making it a night to remember. i love people who love what they do and enjoy playing live. actually having fun on stage. i love people who take music seriously rather than themselves. and i love people who give everything they have to make something special. you are all the business. let’s do it again sometime soon, guys.

last but in no way least, a huge group hug to everyone who showed up. you were one of the best crowds i have had the pleasure of performing in front of. thank you for dancing, for cheering, for applauding and for coming forward when i asked you to ! (oh the power, the power). i hope we will see you all again very soon and that we can persuade more people to join in the fun next time round.

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