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so the gig is coming up fast and furious (i actually thought it was this friday. how happy i am to be wrong !) so i’ll be pestering you very soon to be there. i know i only have you that reads this blog but that’s ok. at least one person will be there on the 1st. so here’s the poster

put a note in your diary right now, and see you there. looking forward to meeting my reader.

2 thoughts on “gig gig gig”

  1. Hi Cassi, it’s Alexis. Um, sorry to disappoint you but I am the…er…reader. And an avid one as a matter of fact. Cheer up though, for I can promise you one thing : I’ll definitely be there! Looking forward to sharing the stage with you guys!

  2. so it’s you, alexis! my one dear reader! (don’t tell anyone, we’ll pretend it’s some anonymous famous person)

    looking forward to it big time you!

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