so we cancelled the underworld gig… a complete first for bad mathematics.

the reasons are personal but just so you know, we never take decisions like this lightly. apologies to those who were intending to come and to the organisers. if you were going to go, please go anyway. it’s always good to support local bands. we are looking ahead to the summer and are lining up a couple of lives. we are working on some new material which is very exciting.

we had a rehearsal last night and played “sacrifice” for the first time in a while. wow! i love that song. it’s definitely my favorite ever bad maths. looking forward to the release of it on the spinalonga collection. i’ll let you know when that happens.

in other news, i am in the process of moving house, possibly actually buying for the first time. it’s a big scary exciting rather grown up step. but you know how we rock stars are. splashing out on our villas and fancy cars.


don’t tell anyone, but i don’t drive and the house we are looking at is very small by celebrity standards. i reckon the whole thing could fit into one of beyonce’s bathrooms. oh well, you’ve gotta start somewhere.

more later….

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