didn’t do anything yesterday. nothing at all. i was a complete couch potato. all day. my excuse was…the adreneline. after such a rush of the stuff before and during the gig, it’s hard to “come down”.

anyway,the day after a gig i always feel odd. i worry that i didn’t do my best. or that people were just being polite when they said they enjoyed it. oh, the fragile soul of a diva.

it wasn’t the easiest gig we’ve ever done. we had some initial techie problems which you just have to deal with even though it’s scary sometimes.

the response was great. it was a pleasure to see new faces as well as our favorite friends. i will be brave enough to watch the video in a few days (vishy has seen it and assures me we were fine)

i took a picture of michalis before the gig which i am very proud of. it’s up at bad mathematics already.

i hope we can now pick up the momentum and get some more gigs organised. feel the flow again. thank you for all your messages of support. it means a lot.

by the way, if you have any spare cash, the bad mathematics fuel fund© is still empty! my fingers are f****** freezing.

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