i’ve been tweaking our myspace place, trying to make it look halfway decent. the powers that run it don’t like to give much control to the users. oh well, i’m fairly happy with the html geekiness that i’ve managed to do so far.

rehearsals again tonight for the next gig… it’s funny the stages you go through before a performance. i’m at the point of:

“what the hell was i thinking when i said yes to another live”

it’ll pass i’m sure. it always has in the past. but there’s always a small part of you that thinks

“maybe i can’t do it anymore”
“maybe i lost it and i’ll never get it back”
“maybe i never had it in the first place”

the mind is a powerful and strange thing.

more on performing and the joys (and strangeness) of being on stage later.

isn’t this just the worst day of the week. wednesday ? what’s the point of it ? i think wednesdays were invented to piss everyone off. the middle of the week. neither here nor there. in limbo. roll on thursday.

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