so here we are again. in the naughty corner for not having updated the blog for…. ages. apologies mumbled and lines written. on to the next stage of world domination.

we’re making an album. well, more a collection of our work over the last fifteen years. about bloody time you scream. yep. it’s about bloody time. even for the disorganised and procrastinating bad mathematicians its about time.

we actually made some decisions for once and are happy with the way things are shaping up. we decided that we’re not a pop band. big fucking shock! we’re not a gaggle of bushy-eyed, star struck teenagers putting out their first album. this big revelation helped us make the decision to put out a big brash ballsy 3 cd collection of our stuff… studio tracks, live tracks, jam sessions and all.

we also decided that we need a bit of dosh to help us get this thing done. we’re going to do it anyway because that’s the kind of people we are. but how much easier it will be if we had a bit of cash. we’re going to do this new crowd-funding thing and try and get the money to cover mastering, printing and distribution. we’re going to be doing all the work ourselves. no companies, no managers, no one to tell us what to do (or even how to do it).

so that’s it reader… everything falls apart is on its way… we foreseeing a launch in spring 2014. watch this space for details on how you can help (not just financially, although that too). in the meantime, keep reading, join us on our various sites, stay in touch and above all… be fabulous.

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