out to lunch

the title just about sums up this past two weeks for your uniquely “unsuitable for work” diva.

it’s been “fun” though, in a sort of mix with the masses, see how the other half lives, kind of way. Sadly, i have the terrible misfortune of having to take the tube to work every day (here in athens, they seem to insist on calling it the metro. very french). i get to observe other members of our species, if that is indeed what they are, failing to leave an impression on the world as they blunder backwards and forwards through the transport system. obviously, there is a need for all this flotsam, to fulfill the needs and desires of those of us who are able to afford them but one would rather not have to rub shoulders (and other unmentionable parts) with them on a daily basis. i fear i must go along with this travesty until i can find a new driver willing to work for sixpence a week, seeing as i seem to be on what is called “minimum wage”. who knew such a thing existed?

now that i’ve got the hang of this filthy thing on my desk called a PC, i will be posting more regularly but i’ll have to keep it short and sans image (just thought i’d continue the french motif)

from the diva desk…

a trillion dollar problem

so i was doing a search for “bad mathematics” (as you do) and the third result down was “bad mathematics: a trillion dollar problem” well, blow me over with a feather. we don’t have a bean to share between us but we are probably responsible for much of the present financial crisis. tell you what… give us the trillion and we’ll go away! problem solved.

the article is actually comparing the mathematics portrayed in films and “real mathematics”. it’s a long article and i fell asleep a quarter of the way through, so if you’re interested you’ll have to go over there and read it. it has 23 facebook likes, which is more than the sum total of likes our blog has ever had. i will be writing a long email to the egghead author, mr mcgowen, to see if we can come to some arrangement. the poor man. he seemed to be quite worked up.

have you missed me?

i’ve been off in the land of tech and implementing other people’s blogs and fixing my own grown-up one. and i have neglected my 4 and a half readers here at bad mathematics. loyalty doesn’t exist in the fast moving world of blogs. one day you’re in and the next, you’re out (in the immortal words of heidi klum)! so what’s been happening in the world of the bad mathematicians? summer is over and the gloom of the economic crisis has hit the band pretty hard. not least because we are unable to afford our favorite rehearsal brand of whisky. an essential component of a good old knees-up. but all is not lost… a cheap alternative, while very uncool, helps ease the pain of being unable (and unwilling) to fork out 18 euros for the bog standard brand we have grown to associate with the band. on the bright side, we are getting together every week and are recording our jam sessions. we are also planning on having some “come down to the studio and act all enthusiastic in the background” sessions. check back soon for details…

bm shopping

we are finally getting our shit together and are moving towards producing some goodies for sale. first up will be the psychoblues ™®© t-shirt. we are looking into print costs and are hoping to sell them at gigs and (of course) online. the diva has started a paypal account and an online store that will open as soon as we have our first batch. i’ll keep you posted as soon as i have more details.

enough arsing about. it’s time to take over the world…

and i apologise for the duplicate postings happening all over our facebook page and profiles. it’s really not my fault. it’s just that facebook pages truly suck. but i think i’ve worked it out now. go diva geek.

we have a gig very soon

just a reminder people, we have a gig next week (thursday 25th october at afaneis). don’t forget. i know we won’t. look, let me be honest with you… we are (hopefully) going to be making a bit of money from this gig. we get the ticket money divided between us and the velvoids. which means if 80 of you come (and pay) we get 400 euros. which means that we will be one step closer to our first cd.

bad mathematics are always full of ideas and always totally lacking in money. This next gig might mean some hours in a studio, recording a bunch of tracks and putting them out there for you. it will all be self-produced, self-promoted and probably self-ish but we are very excited.

and you should be too.

come to the gig and set us on the road to our first cd. how else can i put it ? give us your cash.

still cold

so the money is rolling in to the bad mathematics fuel fund©. thanks to all our dear readers generosity, we are now able to light a single match per day to hold our frozen little fingers over. that’s one match for 24 fingers and 6 thumbs.

thanks people…