just a reminder people, we have a gig next week (thursday 25th october at afaneis). don’t forget. i know we won’t. look, let me be honest with you… we are (hopefully) going to be making a bit of money from this gig. we get the ticket money divided between us and the velvoids. which means if 80 of you come (and pay) we get 400 euros. which means that we will be one step closer to our first cd.

bad mathematics are always full of ideas and always totally lacking in money. This next gig might mean some hours in a studio, recording a bunch of tracks and putting them out there for you. it will all be self-produced, self-promoted and probably self-ish but we are very excited.

and you should be too.

come to the gig and set us on the road to our first cd. how else can i put it ? give us your cash.

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