after my long rant yesterday about the music business, we got a message from the charming tom. you know. the guy that is always your first friend on myspace. (poor guy. he makes friends with you so you’re not a johnny no-mates and then you kick him off your friends list). anyway, i digress. you know i was saying how there are no a and r people anymore. apparently i lied. universal has one. myspace have got together with universal to run a competition exclusively for myspace bands. you vote for your favorite musician (don’t forget singers are musicians too!) and the five winners get to record a single together. not really bothered about that bit. the bit that’s more interesting to us is that the bands that the individuals come from get a visit from the a and r person and promotion on the intel music power pages. so, go and vote for us. we don’t stand a cat in hells chance of winning but it’s fun trying. you can vote everyday if you like. i know i will.

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