the other night, after a “bridge-mending” meeting with our deranged delicious bass player vishy, we sat down with one of this blogs two readers for food and frolics. the conversation was surprisingly food-centred for much of the evening and naturally, the topic of edible insects arose. after a lightening quick search of google, vishy found a site that sells these bizarre snacks.

aside: what did we do before google? how would we have ever wasted time looking up such nonsense ? how would we have ever found these little critters ?

now i don’t know about you, but i think that the eating of creepy crawlies is best left to faded seventies celebrities and reality show contestants. i am not the least bit tempted or fooled by the toffee or chocolate coverings… it’s still a bloody scorpion/worm/spider/ant !

and the blurb is totally unconvincing. for bbq flavour worm crisps, the insane intelligent people at lazybone write:

These tasty little snacks are oven baked not fried! The worms are farm raised specially for human consumption and are fed on a diet of select grains and cereals. There is approximately 15 worms per bag, they taste very similar to toasted popcorn and are seasoned with BBQ.

oh well, that’s alright then… tastes a bit like popcorn. and they are probably treated humanely before they get shoved into the oven. i suppose it’s a better end than being eaten by a six-year old boy. remember this ? (there are lots of version but this is the one i remember)

nobody loves me
everybody hates me
i think I’ll go and eat worms
short, fat, juicy ones
long, skinny, wiggly ones
watch as they wriggle and squirm.

first you bite their heads off
then you suck their guts out
then you throw the skins away.
nobody knows how well you grow
on thirty-five worms a day.

i’ve been known to try a few food items that one could think of as a bit dodgy. testicles, kangaroo, sea urchins (the first and last being absolutely disgusting). but i draw the line at things that lurk in dark corners of my house… and worms.

enough of this, there’s a gig to prepare for ! vocal exercises to perform, an outfit to prepare, a playlist to work out. oh, and i guess we’ll squeeze in a couple of rehearsals.

see you both on saturday the 19th june at after dark in the centre of town at 31 didotou and ippokratous.

no excuses. it’s air-conditioned so you won’t melt.

and it’s the last gig of the season.

One thought on “edible insects”

  1. i will be there with bells on (you know me). though i will be inspecting the bar snacks VERY closely … :s

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