so our drummer, michalis has been sunning himself on a beach in crete for the past two weeks, leaving the rest of the band to suffer in the concrete jungle. but we have just heard on the grapevine (he called) that he’s heading back next week. not that we want to cut short his island paradise holiday but hell, we miss playing ! get your tanned backside back here, you drummer person you.

(we’ve missed you too !)

we are playing in lamia next month as you already know, faithful reader (are you still here ?). by all accounts, the city is a bit like slough without the charm. although it does have a castle, which slough does not. but we’re not going as tourists are we ? we’ll be there to light up the city with our own brand of rock and roll mayhem. i hope all you lamites will be at the gig now that i have insulted your place of residence.

slough with a castle

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