this is unbelievable !

it could only happen in greece…

press release from emi


Athens, Greece

Capitol Records hip-hop breakthrough artist MIMS can apparently do magic and appear in two countries at once, according to dedicated fans in Athens, Greece.

Loyal MIMS fans attended a concert on June 10th hosted by a promotions company entitled “Knockout Productions”. The production company promoted the concert heavily via the internet and with fliers around Athens. It was to be one of the most anticipated shows of the summer; however, there was just one problem. Shortly after the concert began, loyal fans quickly noticed that the man performing was not Capitol Recording artist MIMS – it was an IMPOSTER!!!

“We paid so much money at the door, and we feel we got cheated. The artist appeared on stage with a hood, sunglasses and a baseball hat” stated the US fan who was visiting Athens for the summer. “Everybody started shouting “fraud” & “cheater” and left the club. I live in the States, but I am here for a few months for work and I knew that the person performing was not MIMS”, stated the concert attendee.

Upon learning about the “MIMS” imposter, Capitol Recording artist MIMS issued this statement:

” My deep apologies to all my Grecian fans that came out and thought they were going to see a MIMS concert and instead saw someone that was pretending to be me. I was here in the United States working on my new album. My legal team is aggressively investigating the people and promoters responsible for doing this and plans on swiftly and severely initiating legal action to hold them accountable”, stated MIMS via phone.

MIMS debut album “Music Is My Savior” produced one of the biggest songs in 2007 and made airplay milestones with the #1 smash “This is Why I’m Hot” . The single also sold over 2 million ring tunes worldwide.

Washington Heights, New York-born MIMS began DJ-ing in his early teens, and at age 20, appeared in Baby Blue Sound crew’s Much Music Awards Best Video nominee “Love Em All.” Last year, his independent release of “This is Why I’m Hot” attracted local New York radio play, and a Capitol Records deal.

MIMS is currently in the studio working on his sophomore release which is schedule for release this fall.

the real mims

[thank you mixtape for the heads up]

2 thoughts on “mims is a magician”

  1. I guess it could hapenn in Portugal too…LOL
    Did they think that they could get away with that?
    The fans are’t blind!

    Kisses from Portugal

  2. i think they thought that no-one would notice ! hilarious. of course, we wouldn’t be laughing if we were mims fans, would we 😉

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