being the only woman in a band is a double-edged sword although i’ve made some radical changes recently… i no longer get glasses and ice for the other members of the band. even though we meet up at my place, it is a case of “mi casa es su casa” (my house is your house) i.e. get your own ice.

the great and terrible responsibility is that i get to make the playlist for each gig. actually this has nothing to do with being female, i just wanted to complain about having to get the glasses and ice. it’s just that the rest of the band (for some strange reason) trust me with this job.

so the gig is getting nearer and my thoughts turn to what we should play at after dark. we’ve played some really good sets recently but we have this continually nagging desire to do something different each time. so… what will we play ? who knows. you’ll have to come and find out. or read about it the next day (like a sad johnny-no-mates) on our site.

be there on the 12th…

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