have you missed me?

i’ve been off in the land of tech and implementing other people’s blogs and fixing my own grown-up one. and i have neglected my 4 and a half readers here at bad mathematics. loyalty doesn’t exist in the fast moving world of blogs. one day you’re in and the next, you’re out (in the immortal words of heidi klum)! so what’s been happening in the world of the bad mathematicians? summer is over and the gloom of the economic crisis has hit the band pretty hard. not least because we are unable to afford our favorite rehearsal brand of whisky. an essential component of a good old knees-up. but all is not lost… a cheap alternative, while very uncool, helps ease the pain of being unable (and unwilling) to fork out 18 euros for the bog standard brand we have grown to associate with the band. on the bright side, we are getting together every week and are recording our jam sessions. we are also planning on having some “come down to the studio and act all enthusiastic in the background” sessions. check back soon for details…

funky rehearsals

we’re on the final countdown to the gig at afaneis (tuesday 20th april 2010). had a great rehearsal yesterday with our mate piers marsh (alabama 3). he’s made an amazing “dance your tits off” track out of one of our songs. you’ll have to come to the gig if you want to know what and how. we have also invited the stylianos tziritas trio to play the opening set. he’s a bit of a wild boy, so anything can happen.

all in all, it’s shaping up to be a pretty exciting evening and another completely one-off event for athens town.

be there.

you know you want to…

one of those days

you know when you have one of those days when you realise why you love doing what you do. yesterday was one of them. the band hadn’t got together for a practice/jam for a month because of holidays, work commitments etc. so we booked a three hour session in the rehearsal studio yesterday and wow… just amazing. it was great being back together and the work that we came up with yesterday was, though i say it myself, just brilliant. look out for a future piece called “the big bad shopping list“… love it !

sex and drugs…


i only wrote that title to get your attention !

our next gig is coming up very fast. remember wednesday at after dark ? we have pretty much finalised the playlist but reserve the right to be totally indecisive and change it at any time. it’s going to be a much longer gig than some of our recent ones, so we are all working hard to get in shape (like you believe that?). we were so exhausted yesterday at rehearsals that somebody said should we play some more or go to bed ? the deafening answer was “go to bed”. and so we did. what pros we are.

anyway, you know us. it’ll all be alright on the night… see you on wednesday.

want your own rehearsal space ?

we are currently looking into the idea of finding our own rehearsal space because our old place is about to be lost to us. are you interested in joining us or us joining you ? please let us know in the comments if you have any ideas…

it could be the beginning of a beautiful relationship. who knows ?

rehearsals tonight

we’re rehearsing tonight for the first time in a while. we are losing our studio/rehearsal space/little room in a while… which is really sad… considering our band was made, and matured and grew and had a great deal of fun in that place. but if we are going to go on, we need to find another place, another way and it might be better. who knows. i know i will miss our old home. but i look forward to making a new one.

if you have any ideas please let us know. we are on the lookout…

friday fun

fridays are good. rehearsals in the evening. end of the week. so it’s all good.

great to see friends adding here at a fast rate. makes me feel like we are getting back in the loop after a long break from gigging and being involved in the scene. i’ve missed playing and hanging out with the bands here. looking forward to seeing old friends and new ones in real life.

over and out