sex and drugs…


i only wrote that title to get your attention !

our next gig is coming up very fast. remember wednesday at after dark ? we have pretty much finalised the playlist but reserve the right to be totally indecisive and change it at any time. it’s going to be a much longer gig than some of our recent ones, so we are all working hard to get in shape (like you believe that?). we were so exhausted yesterday at rehearsals that somebody said should we play some more or go to bed ? the deafening answer was “go to bed”. and so we did. what pros we are.

anyway, you know us. it’ll all be alright on the night… see you on wednesday.

rehearsals tonight

we’re rehearsing tonight for the first time in a while. we are losing our studio/rehearsal space/little room in a while… which is really sad… considering our band was made, and matured and grew and had a great deal of fun in that place. but if we are going to go on, we need to find another place, another way and it might be better. who knows. i know i will miss our old home. but i look forward to making a new one.

if you have any ideas please let us know. we are on the lookout…