last post for today i promise (i might be lying though). i’m always fascinated by the way people randomly arrive at our blog. in third place for the most popular search terms is “haig” (with 189 hits). undoubtedly, whiskey has helped put bad mathematics where we are now i.e absolutely nowhere, which just goes to prove that drinking is bad for you.

in second place “spam” (with 827 hits) which just goes to prove that people still eat a lot of crap. in fact, here’s a few of the different spam searches that brought people here.

spam pics (you need a picture?)

spam less sodium (hmmm, perhaps you should think about giving up spam?)

spam hot and spicy (is this someone looking for a spam porn site? probably very disappointed then)

but the most popular? surprisingly, it’s “cargo pants” (with 936 hits to date) and a couple of “kargo pantolonlar” and “kargo pantolon” thrown in to prove that we are charmingly multicultural here. just goes to show that we are at the cutting edge of the fashion industry too.

honourable mentions go to the following searches:

nerves” (as in “get on mine”?)

beware of the dog” (must get one to growl at silly searchers)

pink paparazzi” (great name for a cocktail)

photoshop see through clothes” (way too much time on their hands)

girl with no makeup on” (obviously a stalker) and “old people with no makeup on” (lots of stalkers)
however, the big prizes must go to the bizarre searches for “academically challenged people” and “small brain” and a big fat fail to google for directing them here.”brain the size of a planet” (that’s more like it). “famous people who were not good at math” (yes!). “dodgy testicles” (that one made me wet myself a bit) and “famous people doing stupid things picture” (come to our next gig!)


[all these searches are real. and i had a lot of fun looking through them all]


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