so, no gigs for a while, no interviews, no supermarkets to open or babies to kiss. what does a diva do when she’s trying to blend in with the masses? here’s the run-down of a typical day…
get up at midday
brunch cooked by my fabulous 5 star chef,
meet with my stylist and fashion guru
an hour with the personal trainer…

stop ! i’m bored already.

no. my typical day is like everyone else’s. it’s frustrating sometimes when i think how i’d like to be making a living out of this music lark or from the blogging (not here or at myspace, over here). on the other hand, if i was being paid to do what i love perhaps it would lose its excitement. i don’t know. i’d love to give it a try though. wouldn’t you ?

i know. i’m so lucky to even be able to ask these questions. my life is charmed. it’s not always easy to remember that especially when you’re sorting socks or fighting with old ladies at the market over a couple of tomatoes.

but i have to keep that in mind when i’m feeling down in the dumps and wondering why my creative life is not taking off in the way i’d like it too. it’s hard when you can’t judge your abilities by how much money you make or how famous you are.

i entered a blogging competition last month. it was quite a challenge but i committed myself to it and i won! my prize is a hand-made yeti. yeah, it doesn’t sound like much but i am thrilled. that my efforts are recognised. i know they are anyway. but it’s nice to have those little reminders.

so to all of you out there who feel the same way, i just wanna say thank you for creating, for doing your own thing, for making music, art, theatre or making toast if that’s what you love to do. the world would be a lesser place without you all. support your fellow artists. share the love.

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