messing about so you don’t have to

i would like to set the record straight on one thing. i haven’t actually forgotten that this is a band blog. i am just choosing to ignore the fact and use this space for my own scribblings. because, let’s face it, most music blogs are boring and band blogs are positively coma-inducing. i am not personally interested in reading about the latest exploits of bon jovi or whether britney spears will ever tour again (i’ve really got the claws out for britney, don’t you think? check out psychoblues @7 minutes 30 seconds into the song on the bm player)

anyway, continuing my pointless nonsense here and also having nothing to do with music or the band, i was searching top ten lists of all sorts of odd things (like you do) and came across one called top 10 codes you aren’t meant to know. they are mostly things like police codes and hospital emergency stuff but one caught my eye and made me giggle.

In computer support, a variety of codes can be used when referring to a customer. One of these codes has become fairly well known on the internet: PEBKAC (Problem Exists Between Keyboard And Chair) but there are a variety of others that are lesser known. One of these is used when reporting a fault which has been fixed: “The fault was a PICNIC” (problem in chair – not in computer), or “ID 10 T Error” – ID 10 T is, of course, IDIOT. Let us hope that you never see this noted down on your file when a serviceman is fixing your computer.

and when your computer technician writes “my new bff” on your report, it does not mean you are going to be buddies for life. it stands for “big fat fail”.

you have been warned…

the mac guru strikes again

i’m a bit late posting today but i have a very good reason. in fact, i have two very good reasons. i am now the proud owner of not one but two computers. now before you say, “bloody hell, why do these waster diva types manage to end up with all the good stuff?”, i will explain.

i had a rickety old mac laptop with a broken hinge and a dead monitor that i had hooked up to another monitor so that it was basically a desktop. i was then given an even older laptop which didn’t have a broken hinge and a monitor that worked but was a bit wonky in its own unique way.

our crazy clever bass player/webmaster and all-round tech head vishy, has spent the last few days cannibalising both until i have ended up with two working machines: a proper laptop and a laptop with no lid that is functioning as a desktop.

don’t ask me how he’s done it. whenever anyone starts getting into the nitty gritty of computers, it all starts to sound like rocket science and i can’t make head or tail of it. i know my original hard drive is now in my new laptop and the “desktop” is running off an external hard drive. other than that, all i know is that it all works and i am mobile again if i want to be.

so hats off to the tech genius and a big thank you from the diva (who has two computers).