a blast from the past

for all of you who have not (yet) been tied to a chair and forced to watch this video, here’s your chance to roll your eyes at bad mathematics pretending to be the rolling stones on tour. it was made back in 2003, so methinks another one is due some time soon. i’m going to start bringing my video camera to gigs and ask you lovely people to film parts of the event. who knows, you might find yourself in a bm video next year. what more could you ask for?

in the meantime, here it is… the epic “don’t go down that road”

go to this link to see/listen

oh, and you might have noticed that there is a row of shiny buttons at the bottom of these posts. funnily enough, they are not just pretty decorations. you can click them and whoosh! you can effortlessly share our nonsense on facebook, twitter and whatnot.


the poet

as you know, we are a band of many talents (!*@$!) but you may not know that our own adorable and amazing guitarist, andreas, is a poet. in fact, his surreal poetry was the influence behind the song metal bear. you can read his two published collections at his own blog entegma (in greek). the first book is called καθισμενος and the second is επτάψυχη μεταλλική αρκούδα (choose from the drop-down menus under the titles).

there is talk of a third book and i am hoping that we can add this to the goodies that will be available to buy on the bad mathematics shopping site sometime in the future.

for now, hop over to the site and have a look around. for all you ancient greek history buffs, there are also articles about the underground bands that michalis and andreas were involved in before bad mathematics (παρανyχiδες and gobidibu).

dark and dangerous stuff.

the empire spreads

lots of plans afoot for the bad mathematics empire. we will be taking over the world very shortly… our soppy super webmaster, vishy has not only built us a fantastically, gorgeous new website but has now designed a series of t-shirts that will be going on sale very soon. head over to the stuff section of the website for a sneak preview and let us know what you think. and if anyone knows any good quality t-shirt printing companies, let me know in the comments or by email to the management.

big bad blogger

what a naughty and neglectful diva i am, dearest reader. (hope you are still there !) i haven’t written here for weeks and while i don’t really feel bad about that, i wish i could find it in me to write more often. the truth is that nothing has happened with the band since i last wrote. two of the boys went on holiday. you’ll be able to tell which two when you see us next. they’ll be the tanned bottoms clad in thongs. i wish !

so what’s new that prompts me to write today. well, our incredibly creative bass god vishy has come up with a poster for the next live show (lamia on the 23rd august). and here it is…

to quote the artist himself…

mad as a bucket

the diva does photography

i invite you all to this photographic exhibition “exclude social exclusion by understanding, learning, participating” where i will be showing 15 of my photographs from the roma communities in athens.

through the sensitive eyes of the young artists, photos aim at informing and creating awareness about social exclusion in the critical areas of: migrants and refugees, homeless, roma, aging people, people facing poverty, trafficking and prostitution

it will run for a week but it would be wonderful to see you at the official opening on tuesday 20th.

i look forward to seeing you there. please pass this on to your friends so we can have a good crowd and perhaps generate some publicity for these important issues.

may 19th – 26th, 2008

monday to sunday (11.00am – 2.00pm and 18.00pm -23.00pm)

kypseli municipal market
fokionos negri 42

official opening:
tuesday, May 20, 20:00 p.m

free entrance.