guitar porn

our great friend c came over last night and we sat down and watched “it might get loud”. vishy has been suggesting i watch it for ages now but i thought it sounded a bit wanky. jimmy page, jack white and the edge get together and play guitars. sounds great for guitarists but a big fat yawn for the rest of us.

what i saw instead, was a meeting of brilliance. three people who live, breath and love what they do and who communicated something deeply human through their playing. that desire to express themselves.

the respect they have for their fellow musicians was beautiful to witness. something that seems to have been forgotten by so many artists. their acknowledgement of where their music comes from, the people that came before them, those incredible musicians whose names so few people know, was like music itself.

the best moment for me was seeing jack white sitting and listening to sun house “grinnin’ in your face”

one man against the world in one song

i could almost feel that moment of revelation he experienced. that moment when he realised that music didn’t have to be a certain way. music can just be.


i urge you to beg, steal or borrow this film. well, don’t steal it because that would be wrong but you know what i mean. and to all you non-guitar players out there, it couldn’t be further from a big fat yawn.

ps: notice how i managed to sneak porn into yet another title here! got to get people hooked somehow. 😀