as a “real” music blog, we are crap. nobody comes here to find out what’s going on in the music biz (how old are we?). in the end, this is a blog about us and the things we like (or don’t like, as the case may be). once in a while, i do a little search on the internet i.e. google, for new bands that i might like. mistake! google can only tell you what’s popular and what’s selling. so if pitbull is your thing, it’s all hunkydory. if, like me, you haven’t really liked anything new since radiohead because…

1. you haven’t been listening
2. you can’t be arsed
3. you’re over 12
4. there hasn’t been anything good since radiohead

then this blog is definitely for you. but….

i do think it’s time we tried to be a little bit “cool” again (stop sniggering) and started writing about music (as well as the assorted nonsense that you know and love, dear reader)

so here it is… an attempt at being a real music blog…

5 thoughts on “finding new music”

  1. Hey Vichy, yeah, I’m like you. Over 12, and yes, there hasn’t been anything world class since Radiohead. Flirted with dubstep, enjoyed that for five minutes, but apart from that…yawn…
    Power to you and this blog. Looking forward to checking out your discoveries.
    Go, bassman!

    1. Hey there Rick

      I also agree entirely except that in this case the article is the Diva’s. She is my lovely Cassi and the singer of the band.

      But nonetheless yeah indeed. We shall be doing our first gig in two years at the end of March now that all various accidents and so on have finally passed the band (long story tell you about it some time, just that over the last two years the band has been plagued by a bunch of accidents that have put two of our members in way of serious harm).

      If things were better here I have said come over and do a gig with us… But I guess these days Greece is no bowl of cherries!

      Love to you and the family.

  2. hi ric, welcome to bad mathematics|the blog! according to vishy we almost met… maybe one day? yeah, our kid is really into dubstep but he’s 16 so there you go. i like what i’ve heard so far but can’t say i could really get into it. too old maybe but i can’t help feeling that i was there when this stuff was really being invented.

    hope you’ll stick around and read more of our nonsense (well, my stuff tends to be the nonsense. vishy is much more mature and grownup 😉 )

  3. i think we put ourselves out of the running for being “cool” just by using the word. 😕

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