[this post is dedicated to our last remaining reader]

i created the “challenge the diva” competition so long ago that i don’t remember even why but what the hell, it’s a new year. so here goes…

1. to cheat; mislead
2. to confuse
[of unknown origin]
bamboozler n
bamboozlement n

i want to make a philosophical observation with this post (because that’s the kind of diva i am). life is weird. yep, that’s it. life is weird. as you know, dear reader, i am a working person now. strange as it might sound, i have joined the milling masses and now spend a 1/12 of my life (don’t forget the name of the band) on public transport, a 1/3 of my life slaving away for pocket money and another 1/3 asleep (well, that’s an exageration but i can’t do fractions). that leaves… about an hour a day to do things i enjoy.

people. we have been misled! we have been cheated. all the films we watch tell us to “seize the day”, to “embrace life”, to “live life to the fullest”. and how the f*@%ing hell are we supposed to do this in the one hour we have between the washing, cooking, cleaning our teeth, getting ready to go to work, winding down after work, shopping (boring grocery shopping not the good kind), staring into space unsure whether we’re actually still breathing and worrying about all the things we failed to do by not “seizing the f*@%#ing day.

life is a big fat bamboozler and i am full of bamboozlement.

there. it’s done. the silence is broken and i can breathe a sigh of relief that i’ve returned to the blog. and now i’ve used up 15 minutes of “seizing” time and you’ve spent 2 and half minutes of yours reading this nonsense.


and by the way…

a very happy new year.

10 thoughts on “bamboozle”

  1. You just figured that out? You only get to live life to the fullest when your dying. I do love that yarn, I’m going to have find it, I need that yarn…ciao

  2. firstly, i want and need that wool, too! 🙂
    secondly, thanks for a brilliant post, and you are right; the films have an awful lot to answer for. they have led me to believe that:
    1) you can have a high-flying, successful job and still ALWAYS have the time / energy / cash to have an AMAZINGLY active social life;
    2) everyone except me lives in HUGE, BEAUTIFUL apartments with roof gardens / beach houses with decks, with interior decor that comes straight out of a magazine;
    3) you can meet attractive, intelligent, funny, sensitive, non-losery men in ANY bookshop / supermarket / library / cafe / hardware store / minor car accident or simply while out walking your dog.
    and speaking of dogs, how come people in films often have a loving man’s best friend at home, yet are STILL able to stay out all night / disappear to the hamptons for the weekend, jump on the next plane to paris without a second thought? where is the dog? why are these film people not reported for neglect?
    but who would watch a film about REAL life, in which the characters come home from work, tug on a tracksuit, walk the dog, clean the loo, cook the dinner, do the laundry, then slouch on the sofa crocheting / watching reality TV shows / staring into space? the films are just meant to give us a chance to escape for a couple of hours and distract us from the fact that seizing the day it all well and good, but it won’t pay the bills. alas.
    happy new year, happy bamboozling, and welcome back! 😀 x

  3. *edit* i meant ‘is all well and good’, not ‘it all well and good’ in penultimate line. damn the typos. damn ALL the typos. 😡

  4. as with dogs in films, the same could be said of kids. children conveniently disappear when they’re not needed to further the storyline. troubled teenagers have a life changing moment after their drug-adled drunken escapades about town simply because they have a little chat with mummy or daddy. brats in films are always cute as well as bratty. most nine year olds cannot shop, cook and clean for themselves for five minutes let alone 2 weeks and most definitely cannot fight off hardened criminals or discover the identity of murderers that have alluded the police for years. they also can’t… suddenly be able to drive heavy machinery, become the leader of a small country or tame wild animals in the space of a commercial break. yes, films are escapism but do they have to make us feel wholly inadequate and slightly insane as well.

    maybe there’s an idea for another post… a realistic film scenario with proper dogs that behave like… dogs and realistic children that make you want to poke your eyes out with a …. banana. (must make sure this blog stays in the pg category)

    [must find out where you can get that wool]

  5. and quick reply to spam botty Hershel Storozuk who wrote “Quick question, what would you do with the $2,100+ weekly checks from DailyIncomeCommissions ? Because I’m having a bit of trouble deciding what to do with my current earnings. I guess I’ll just save up…”


  6. aw. the yarn link was not found (by my computer, at least), but i will google bamboozle wool and see if i can find it. 🙂

    it is strange that we are capable of believing some things in films (eg: that life really could be that easy), but not others (eg: that aliens from mars might possess our loved ones’ bodies). i might study this further to find out where the viewer’s brain draws the line and why we can’t just accept that it’s ALL a load of … balderdash [pg wording].

    or i might not.


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