as every good diva should… i love christmas.

drinking at breakfast time, chocolates galore, fabulous presents, flimsy excuses for dressing up… all washed down with a massive dose of cheesy music, big grins and gratuitous hugging.

but… and it’s a big butt…the downside, apart from financial ruin, is going back to work. so here i sit while others are still smelling of vodka and cinnamon and my first job is wading through spam. let me first explain how spam works. a bunch of desperate people who don’t know how to spell but know how to look busy, are employed by large companies to write messages on blogs that look like real comments by real readers. most bloggers like a bit of feedback, as it makes us feel interesting and relevant.

even a hugely popular blogger like me only gets about three genuine comments a month. so for your reading pleasure, here are a few of the 100+ spam messages this blog has received over the past week…

from “exercise programs”

Magnificent idea and it is duly

from kime music news

Hello mans did your had news links ? I like clerical develop pro me ..

from louis vuitton

Something so does not leave

from dvd blog… the manuel (fawlty towers) of spam messages

I apologise, but it is necessary for me little bit more information.

from download free

Amazingly! Amazingly!

from a betting site

hello I was luck to come cross your theme in bing
your subject is marvelous
I learn much in your subject really thanks very much
btw the theme of you website is really marvelous
where can find it

from uk diesel jeans

I confirm. All above told the truth. We can communicate on this theme. Here or in PM.

this from a tattoo artist on crack

I consider, what is it ?a false way.

and this from the ultimate spammer (i don’t have a website dot com… seriously)

Thanks for this downright website; this is actually the form of thing that keeps me on track through these day. I have been searching for your site after I heard about them from a pal and ended up being pleased once i found it after hunting for long time. Being a demanding blogger, I’m pleased to find out other folks taking initivative and adding to the community. I want to comment to show my appreciation for your work as it is quite energizing, and lots of freelance writers usually do not get appreciation that they deserve. I am certain I’ll always be back and will spread the word to my local freinds.

but… bless.. the sweetiest spammer ever and i quote in full

Excuse, that I interrupt you.

thanks for listening.

next stop 2011…


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  1. i can do that ….

    your article is of the most diligently performed. i protest nothing. please write often more within such researches.

    … giz a job!

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