so, i’ve been in the naughty corner for ages now and it’s about time i got down to the nitty gritty of why i’ve been there. i haven’t updated this blog because…. i’m writing a book! yes, dear reader, all 6 of you (although i think one of you got fed up of waiting for this post and stormed off in a huff), a proper serious grown-up book. it’s called “invisible” and is the collection of my writing about the roma (pejorative: gypsy) that i have posted over the last five years at my grown-up blog “this is not my country”. it will be available as an ebook from the 1st of october and will contain my own original photographs from the settlements i visited. i am also hoping to find a publisher to back a paper and ink version at a later date.that’s all for now. back to frivolous nonsense once the book is done!

3 thoughts on “the diva is ready to fess up”

  1. great dear-already waiting to turn the pages

    P.S. Lets have a release party – I mean it

  2. @Stylianos and Lisa Panopoulos, thanks you two! will keep you posted here, there and everywhere…

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