From: The Management™

To: Ms T. Diva

Dear T. Diva

We, The Management™ would like to notify you that we have read the above ‘apology’ and have forwarded it forthwith to our client, Mr. V. Moghan esq.

Initial response from our firm though, we are afraid, is that as apologies go yours seems somewhat reticent and perhaps a little ironic in tone.

We feel that perhaps as an expression of your regret it is somewhat lacking in a spirit of true remorse and honest contrition for your previous, vicious attacks.

Also your unnecessary and cruel remarks about the lady in the photograph, one Ms. SLUT and aspersions upon her musical abilities, or lack thereof, seem excessive, even in light of your usual vindictiveness.

For the present we leave this judgement to our client. We shall inform you immediately of his response when that is forthcoming.

For the present


The Management™ (as of 10.06.2010)

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